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bringing to our customers the Natural Foods that are good for them.

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Our Healthier Food Commitment

The Healthier Food Commitment aims to bring the nature gifts food to everyone. Black Gold aspires to be a popular, reputable and trusted Health Food Brand by people around the world. Black Gold is committed to provide support for programs and activities designed to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle. Read more

Health Tips

Eat Healthy Minimise taking processed food and top up on vegetables, fruits, grains and beans. Make sure you eat two servings of fruit, and two servings of vegetables daily!… You are what you eat! Learn to read the food label. It can help you to choose a diet lower in saturated fat, cholesterol, and fat. Compare food labels between foods and make selections that meet your dietary goals.…

Latest News

Black Gold Black Garlic on TV Click here to download the introduction of Black Gold Black Garlic on TV.… Black Garlic Radio Ad Click on the following links to listen to our radio ad: 60 secs, 45 secs (English) …