The “BLACK GOLD” brand is a registered trademark owned by Defu Foodstuff Pte Ltd. It is the aspiration of the Black Gold Brand to be a popular, reputable and trusted Global Health Food Brand that is sold only through well established healthfoods and pharmaceutical stores. Towards this end BLACK GOLD will continuosly introduce innovative products that marry technology with nutrition. Our current products The Black Gold Black GarlicBlack Gold Black Garlic Capsules, and the Black Gold Black Garlic and Kohyong Abalone have established a large community of loyal customers in Singapore. Black Gold Products are available at major health supplement/pharmacies like Guardian Pharmacy, Unity, National Health Group Pharmacy Stores, Watsons, and a more than 500 chinese medicinal stores and smaller healthfoods and drugstores all over Singapore. Black Gold Black Garlic has won many accolades. We also have many overseas customer who have found us through this website.

The Black Gold Promise

  1. We promise to use only the top-grade organic products as raw materials.
  2. Our products are manufactured under stringent quality control, and our manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO standards and our products are subjected to stringent lab tests for Food Safety.
  3. We will market our products in a manner that is convenient to customers, safe, ecological, and in compliance with food and health science authorities all over the world


目前我们的产品- 黑金糖心黑蒜, 糖心黑蒜胶囊, 和 许榕糖心干鲍 + 糖心黑蒜胶囊 已在新加坡拥有了忠实顾客。黑金产品可在各连锁保健药局例如Guardian,Unity,Watsons, National Healthcare Group Pharmacy。黑金 ®糖心黑蒜 ®已经赢得了许多荣誉奖项。


  1. 我们承诺所使用的原料是一流有机的产品。
  2. 我们的产品都在严格的质量控制下生产,我们的生产设施经过 ISO 标准认证,我们的产品也受到严格的实验室食品安全测试。
  3. 我们展现给顾客的产品是方便、安全、原生态的。遵守世界各地的食品和健康科学部门的相关规定。